Point 1. “G”Gear Technique

A. Growth the life of flexspline by Tooth “R” angle growth avoiding large stress on root of gear
B. Eliminate interference in “G” gear meshing by finite element analysis of flexspline’s stress & deformation analysis by ANSYS
C. Improve rigidity of reducer by growth height of teeth appropriately
D. Output torque scope enlarged by more teeth meshing (from 35% to,43% up), which extends the life of flexspline too

Point 2. Wave Generator Shaped Oval Research

Finding accurate contour of shaped oval of wave generator by simulation
“G”gear meshing condition & flexspline stress and deformation when running;

Point 3. Unique Design In Flexspline Thickness

Improving flexspline strength & life performance by releasing the stress when running from the best thickness unique Design of flexspine.

Point 4. Lower Noise

With independent “G“ teeth & flexspline thickness unique design, the teeth have not any interference, which eliminates the noise by sympathetic vibration.

Point 5. Higher Design Freedom

Ratio:  Design 30-200 Ratio has better performance than traditional theory
Low Inertia:  All rotation parts can be designed by weight reduction, which will reduce the inertia of each rotation parts. Transmission efficiency will be improved by stable running/stop under this design.
Light Weight:  Design weight of wave generator & circular spline can be lower 30%-40% than standard model, which can meet customized choice for more condition usage.
Model item included:

 Product  Model Structure Form Characteristic Technology Capability Model Reference
 SHD Cup-type flexspine High-Precision, Big Overload Capacity, High Efficiency Big Axial Dimension, Trans. Ratio:50~315 (details seeing the attached table) The best choice, except the strict demand for the axial dimension
 DHD Double row tooth ring structure, Double flexible ball bearing Double Drive,Big Trans. Ratio Low efficiency, Trans. Ratio:1500~a few thousands,(details seeing the attached table) Applied to big Trans. Ratio fields
 PHD Tooth ring flexspline, Dynamic-Spline-Coupling Small axial dimension,Low Efficiency Trans. Ratio:50~315, (details seeing the attached table) Small Axial Dimension
 AHD Tooth ring flexspline, Double flexible ball bearing Circular Spline Input and Output,tiny wave generator adjustment Trans. Ratio:50~315,technology efficiency is same with the PHD series Broadly applied to Phase Adjuster

   1、Under the condition of no special needs, we recommend SHD series, which has unique advantage and could store by standing with explanation. Please order PHD series if you pay more attention to the axial dimension. Besides, if reduction ratio is great, SHD can be used in series or DHD Ratio Dual Harmonic Drive is also available.
   2、The Harmonic Drive is a sort of gear drive of small modulus which requires better axis tolerance and the output axis should not bear great radial bending moment. Please add unloading device where connects load or contact us for special design, if having great bending moment and radial power.