Our company have three kinds harmonic driver models, which are defined by the design of gear tooth separately.
We found that harmonic meshing is based on the geometric mapping theory of curve (curved surface) by researching. In addition to applying in harmonic reducer, it can also be applied in high rigid RH reducer for the purpose of precise control. Traditional theory is established according to Willis theorem. On the basis of this theory , the conjugate tooth shape is deduced. However, harmonic meshing is comparatively special, in fact, it is not conjugate. Our theory is optimized from traditional theory, so that meshing application scope is much broader and it is more suitable for harmonic meshing.
For suitable for different usage and cost level market needs, we kept model as below for customers’ choice.
Using Wills theorem, traditional involute gear design. Chinese standard size model.
Model item included:

 Product  Model Structure Form Characteristic Technology Capability Model Reference
 SHD Cup-type flexspine High-Precision, Big Overload Capacity, High Efficiency Big Axial Dimension, Trans. Ratio:50~315 (details seeing the attached table) The best choice, except the strict demand for the axial dimension
 DHD Double row tooth ring structure, Double flexible ball bearing Double Drive,Big Trans. Ratio Low efficiency, Trans. Ratio:1500~a few thousands,(details seeing the attached table) Applied to big Trans. Ratio fields
 PHD Tooth ring flexspline, Dynamic-Spline-Coupling Small axial dimension,Low Efficiency Trans. Ratio:50~315, (details seeing the attached table) Small Axial Dimension
 AHD Tooth ring flexspline, Double flexible ball bearing Circular Spline Input and Output,tiny wave generator adjustment Trans. Ratio:50~315,technology efficiency is same with the PHD series Broadly applied to Phase Adjuster

   1、Under the condition of no special needs, we recommend SHD series, which has unique advantage and could store by standing with explanation. Please order PHD series if you pay more attention to the axial dimension. Besides, if reduction ratio is great, SHD can be used in series or DHD Ratio Dual Harmonic Drive is also available.
   2、The Harmonic Drive is a sort of gear drive of small modulus which requires better axis tolerance and the output axis should not bear great radial bending moment. Please add unloading device where connects load or contact us for special design, if having great bending moment and radial power.